Monday, April 11, 2016

I Surrender to Swimsuit Season

Swimsuit season. The two most dreaded words for girls everywhere who don't have the perfect combination between Khloe Kardashian's curves and Candice Swanepoel's abs. I have suffered from issues with my body for far too long. I have problems with my health that have undeniably caused me to put on some weight. I have tried every diet, fitness regime, and workout move that promises the body of Julianne Hough. Guess what? My stomach still is not flat, I have cellulite, and I have boobs. And it's NORMAL. After endless hours of looking up "fitspo" on Pinterest and comparing myself to the fitness gurus on Instagram, I finally surrender. 
I surrender to trying to have the perfect body. I surrender to following the perfect diet plan. I surrender to my own harsh self judgement of what I should look like. I surrender to working out obsessively everyday to look flawless so I can put up the perfect bikini shot on Instagram. I surrender to My Fitness Pal and  extreme methods of monitoring what I eat. I surrender to my old ways of body dysmorphia. 
Instead, I pledge to enjoy every calorie I eat. I pledge to remind myself everyday that I am beautiful. I pledge to workout, not to achieve the ideal body, but for a way to love myself further. I pledge to attend every lake day and pool party with my friends. I pledge to know my self worth is greater than a number on a scale. I pledge to enjoy every ounce of my summer, even if I do not look like a regular Pilates attendee. I pledge to surround myself with positive vibes that build me up. I pledge to thank God everyday for the body I have and treat it like a temple. I pledge to embrace my curves. I pledge to love myself.

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